Words from our Chairman and CEO

President & CEO NUM Group: Peter von Rüti, Chairman: Franck Ullmann 

More than 10 years before the CNC or NC control was starting to become widely accepted, NUM started the development of the first CNC controller back in 1961 and with the launch in 1964 NUM was one of the first in this market and we have strived to maintain our position as a technology leader in this segment ever since.

Our market strategy is to help our current and future customers to construct a better machine and thereby securing them a competitive advantage on the market. As can be seen from our logo we perceive ourselves as a CNC High-End Application company and we are focusing on selected market niches, where we undeniably have something extra to offer, and we have a proven track record to back up this statement. Also for decades NUM has been a trusted supplier of solutions for the standard machine market where we will continue to utilise the openness of our systems to offer customers in this segment an advantage too, as we will make the investments needed in R&D to secure our standard features and functions meets the requirement of this market now and in the future.

Headquartered in Switzerland we currently have more than 35 sales and service locations located around the world, an international company with worldwide activities.

Our R&D facilities are located in Switzerland, France and Italy, where we also have our major manufacturing facility. It is our clearly defined strategy to have the development and manufacturing of the core products in a CNC system, including drives and motors under our own control to enable us to enhance the total CNC system performance. When this is said, we also integrate and take responsibility for 3rd party products in specific solutions in close cooperation with our partners and customers making NUM a true one stop shop for High End CNC solutions. The success of our partners and customers is the measure of our success and directly the justification of our position on the market.

Mission Statement:


NUM CNC solutions provide Machine Builders with a competitive advantage


Total cost of ownership is increasingly becoming a challenge for our OEM customers and End Users so we are dedicated to a high quality and the reliability of our products combined with an effective and responsive world wide after sales service organisation.

NUM is in a very positive development and has a strong financial position. We are dedicated to the CNC market and will continue to invest in technology, production, support and service with a long term perspective and thereby remain an attractive partner for our current and future customers.

President & CEO NUM GroupChairman 
Peter von RütiFranck Ullmann



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