10. September 2012

New CNC System Flexium+

Flexium+ CNC system - Safety, Flexibility and Productivity

Teufen, AR (CH)

NUM presents the new Flexium+ system.

Flexium+ builds on the success of NUM’s Flexium system to advance CNC to a new level. It combines all the
power, flexibility and user-friendliness NUM’s products are renowned for, with additional state of the art
functionality and a completely new hardware and software platform.

The new platform
The outstanding success of Flexium with over 10,000 applications completed in a short space of time paved the way for development of Flexium+. We took the best components, kept those elements behind the success of our previous CNCs, such as scalability, flexibility, unique CNC functions, standardized interfaces and PLC programming, then renovated and improved the complete system. New Flexium+ architecture Flexium+ has new and enhanced features, new panels, a new HMI, an enhanced servo bus, enhanced drives and simplified connectivity – all within a safety-related architecture. There are
three configuration levels – Flexium+ 6, Flexium+ 8 and Flexium+ 68 – to provide optimum cost/performance ratios.

The key element of a Flexium+ system is the CNC. Its compact dimensions are the result of a design aimed at limiting
energy requirements. Latest generation processors powering intelligent and evolutionary hardware ensure return on investment and long system life, in line with NUM’s philosophy.


New Flexium+ architecture

Increased CNC functionality offers improved flexibility, scalability and accuracy. In particular, we have extended the notion of axis or spindle to allow control of up to 32 spindles
per CNC unit (NCK for NC Kernel) and make spindle/axis commutation even easier. We have also improved internal
computing resolution, increased ‘servobus’ speed, and much more. The freedom to link several NCKs together in a global configuration has of course been maintained, enabling, for example, control of large transfer systems with more than 200 interpolating axes.

The system controls the NUMDrive X digital drives via up to three RJ45 ports, allowing for distributed drive sets on the machine. In addition to the digital interface, two interfaces are provided for analog control. The PLC complies with the IEC 61131-1 standard and communicates via efficient standardized interfaces. The single development environment provides different access levels for machine integration, setup and maintenance.


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