NUM Germany

New Technology Centre

08/07/2013 – Teufen (AR), CH

The ground-breaking ceremony for the new technology centre for NUM GmbH Germany was held on 3 July 2013, two years after the NUM Group celebrated its 50-year anniversary in CNC technology. The new building will be at Zeller Strasse 18 in Holzmaden, Baden-Württemberg, just a few metres away from the current site.

The offices and workrooms in the new two-storey building will encompass 800 square metres. Attached to the office building will be a 200-square-metre warehouse. The building is due to be completed in summer 2014 and will cost a total of EUR 2 million. The new building is based on the latest findings in terms of energy-saving construction and heated using an air/water heat pump supported by gas heating to cover peak loads. Working processes will be significantly improved by means of shorter routes and glass walls to provide an optical connection between the offices. The offices are arranged around a central communication area which contains a printer, a fax and a kitchenette including a coffee machine . The offices are grouped into departments and connected to this communication area by glass walls. Creating communications options and securing a feeling of togetherness were important factors in the design. There are two training/conference rooms, which can be opened up into one large space for internal and external events. There are plenty of parking spaces available so it will be easy to host larger events in conjunction with our customers. The situation in terms of loading and unloading large lorries will also be significantly better than at present.

The first sod was turned by Peter von Rüti, President and CEO of the NUM Group, Xavier Molinet, Vice-President and CFO of the NUM Group, Christian Unger, NTC Head of NUM GmbH Germany, Jürgen Riehle, Mayor of Holzmaden, and general contractor WESTO-BAU GmbH + Co. KG, represented by managing director Werner  Stollsteimer, planners Ekkehard Knoblauch and Markus Faller, and project manager Carlos Rausch.