NUM is building

23/08/2012 – Teufen (AR), CH

After having celebrated its 50-year CNC-technology anniversary last year, the NUM Group held the ground-breaking ceremony for the new logistics and service centre for the NUM Group in Teufen on 20 August, 2012. The newly built centre is being constructed next door to company headquarters in Battenhusstrasse 16. This building was built by NUM in 1991, which also moved in the same year. The three-storey new building, with a floor space totalling 8009 m2, will be completed by the autumn of 2013. The investment volume totals around CHF 8 million. The new building will provide better working conditions for the new jobs created in 2008 and 2009, and will help optimise work processes. The existing logistics centre in Bühler will therefore be relocated to premises of its own in Teufen. By merging the two production locations, work and logistics processes can be standardised, allowing costs to be saved as well.

The first sod was turned by the company Hörler Tiefbau AG, together with Mr. Peter von Rüti, president and CEO of the NUM Group and Mr. Klaus Rempfler, project manager and vice president of the NUM Group, which planned the entire construction process and will be monitoring the project together with the architect Mr. Jürg Stieger and Mr. Markus Pichler (site management) from the architectural agency Forrer Krebs Ley St. Gallen. The new building will be constructed according to the latest developments in energy-efficient construction. There are plans to realise the entire heating for the building using geothermal probes, extending down to a depth of at least 170 m. A photovoltaic array on the roof will also produce electricity. The planned capacity of the photovoltaic system totals around 70 kW, which will cover approx. 50% of the power required at the Teufen production site. The NUM Group has already installed a photovoltaic system boasting a capacity of 170 kW at its production site in Italy, providing further proof of the company's environmentally-friendly commitment. To keep the emissions from loading and unloading trucks to a minimum for local residents and visitors to the Paracelsus Clinic, and to ensure the space available is used optimally, the loading ramp was built on the south side of the premises, behind the existing NUM building. By setting the new building back from the street, the visual impression it makes fits in with the landscape and adjacent buildings very well.