NUMROTO - 25 years’ innovation

20/03/2012 – Teufen (AR), CH

NUM was celebrating 25 years’ continuous growth and development of its renowned NUMROTO tool grinding software at GrindTec 2012. The company intends marking the occasion by launching a suite of enhancements for the package, including a major new facility that effectively automates production verification.

NUM has also enhanced the ‘measurement in process’ capabilities of NUMROTO by extending the number and type of measurements that can be performed during grinding operations. Typically, operators can now maintain tolerances to within ±3 microns, even when producing a wide range of tools that may involve as many as 15 different measurements. The software also now features an XML data interface, enabling tool geometry parameters such as length, diameter, rake angle, relief information and many others to be exported for use in other programs, or imported from a customer’s database to shorten the design-to-production path.

First launched in 1987, NUMROTO software has become the preferred choice for many of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines for the production and resharpening of tools such as end-mills, drills, step drills, form cutters and many others.

Compared to some competitive products on the market, the software provides a much more direct and efficient path between tool design and manufacture. Featuring an integrated modelling-simulation-interpolation chain, NUMROTO avoids the sequential CAD-to-CAM and CAM-to-CNC translation phases of conventional software approaches and provides a true WYSIWYG output. This helps users of tool grinding machinery sidestep multiple data format changes and emulations, and eliminates the need for a pre-production optimisation phase.

NUM’s stand at GrindTec 2012 was the first port of call for visitors wishing to see the future of CNC machine tool automation. Five engineers, each equipped with a computer workstation, have been on hand to demonstrate the advantages of NUMROTO software and answer customers’ questions.