New Flexium Function – NUM MDTO (MTConnect Data Transfer Object)

MTConnect is a standardized protocol for communication between data collection software and machine-shop devices. The NUM MDTO Agent uses the MTConnect standard to allow third-party software to connect to any NUM Flexium CNC.

NUM MDTO comprises two different modules that act as one piece of software: the Agent and the Adapter. The Adapter gathers data directly from a NUM CNC and makes that data available on the local network. The Agent gathers the data from the Adapter and packages it into the MTConnect protocol to serve to other software.

Using MTConnect enables different machine-monitoring systems to gather and interpret data from many types and brands of machine tools and shop floor equipment.

To summarize, MTConnect is described as a set of open standards intended to foster greater interoperability among machines, devices, control systems and software applications. It is a standard developed to translate machine tool data into a common, internet-based language interpretable by software applications.

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