New Flexium Function – Technology HMI for NUMgrind GC (Cylindrical Grinding)

The NUMgrind HMI for Cylindrical Grinding (GC) is a user-friendly software package that addresses all aspects of the cylindrical grinding process. It offers a complete ‘off the shelf solution’, with embedded grinding and wheel dressing cycles governed by menu-driven data entry and wizard guided setup.

In short, not only will NUMgrind HMI GC save years of development time, it will also significantly reduce the operator’s learning curve.

Upon completion of data entry, the whole environment is stored in a project file – the part program is generated automatically and is then immediately ready for execution. NUMgrind HMI GC’s user-friendly interface features shop floor programming screens which provide the machine operator with a comprehensive graphical programming approach that depicts the wheel, the part, and associated setup data in a clear and concise manner. The operator does not have to use ISO programming; he or she simply fills in the data fields presented by the program. After completing the data entry session, the program is automatically generated and stored, ready for execution.

The cylindrical grinding package includes OD/ID grinding cycles for 2-axis (X/Z) horizontal or vertical grinding machines and also includes inclined axis capability. The dressing station and process are considered for standard forms or profiled wheels with a single point, double point or roller dresser.

The NUMgrind packages (HMI and cycles) include the following features:

Embedded Grinding Cycles

  • OD/ID Plunge / Multi-plunge
  • OD/ID Plunge with inclined Axes
  • OD/ID Oscillating Plunge / Multi-plunge
  • OD/ID Cylinder Traverse
  • OD/ID Profile Traverse
  • OD/ID Taper Traverse
  • OD/ID Oscillating Shoulder
  • OD/ID Shoulder Traverse
  • OD/ID Shoulder Cylinder Blend

Auxiliary Grinding Functions

  • Wheel Data Management (Eight Stored Setups)
  • Straight Wheels
  • Special Profile Wheels
  • Roller Dresser
  • Automatic Wheel Profiling
  • Automatic In-process Wheel Dressing
  • Automatic Wheel Surface Speed Calculations
  • Part and Dresser Setup Routines
  • Part Taper ‘Table Skew’ Correction
  • Emergency Retract Sequence
  • Measurement and Part Origin Modification
  • Full cycle support for In-Process Gauging and Gap Elimination
  • Run wheel or part profile from CAD system

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