New NUM service and logistics centre

Construction of new NUM service and logistics centre making progress

12/07/2012 – Teufen (AR), CH

Having been initiated by the NUM Group last August, construction work for the new service and logistics centre next to the company headquarters in Teufen, Switzerland, is now at an advanced stage. Before the onset of winter conditions, expected early in December, the ground floor’s concrete floor is now being cast, covering the basement and thus protecting the shell construction from snow and the cold.

As mentioned in an earlier news article, the three-storey building with a floor space totalling 800 square metres will be completed by autumn 2013. The new building will provide better working conditions and enable the optimisation of work processes. The existing logistics centre in Bühler will therefore be relocated to NUM’s own premises in Teufen. By merging the two sites, work and logistics processes can be harmonised, saving costs at the same time.

Heating for the entire building will be realised using geothermal probes extending down to a depth of at least 170 metres. Additionally, electricity will be produced by a photovoltaic array on the roof. The planned capacity of the photovoltaic system totals around 70 kW, which will cover approximately 50% of the power required at the Teufen production site. In 2010, the NUM Group installed a photovoltaic system boasting a capacity of 170 kW at its production site in Italy, providing further proof of the company’s commitment to the environment.