Users document their ground tools with NUMROTO Draw

05/21/2013 –

NUMROTO Draw was first presented at GrindTec 2012. This add-on to the widely used NUMROTO software went down really well with the trade fair’s visitors. The increasing demand in the market for professional product documentation has a
decisive influence on the choice of programming system. The lower the outlay on documentation for ground tools, the more competitive and successful the sharpening business can be.

In NUMROTO Draw, the outline of the tool and the drawing header are generated automatically. As a result, it makes sense to produce drawings even for small runs and resharpening. The functionality has now been substantially extended, enabling the software to be used for very complex tools with multiple cut views. This product documentation is perfect, even for end customers with high standards in terms of certification.

Fig. 1 Tool drawing for a step drill produced in NUMROTO Draw

NUMROTO Draw produces this product information from the same data that is used for grinding the tool.

Fig. 2 Data flow

NUMROTO Draw uses the entire infrastructure of NUMROTO and can therefore use any of the detailed views from the 3-D simulation. All the formatting information is stored in the NUMROTO database under the relevant tool data set ,and saved as part of the NUMROTO backup strategy.

Thanks to this strategy, any users who have used NUMROTO in the past can apply NUMROTO Draw to their existing tools without additional outlay.

NUMROTO Draw can also be used by ’non-grinders‘. Because the grinding process is kept strictly separate, the manual input entered into NUMROTO Draw has no effect on the grinding program and thus does not affect the grinding results.

The 3-D simulation shows every detail in a realistic manner, ensuring that the end customer sees even very complex features or sections in the same way that they will be ground on the tool grinding machine. These details can be shown in colour or as a wire-frame model, and can also be scaled to ensure the size matches the drawing exactly. This means, for example, that a side view can be added to the automatically generated view.

As well as the actual cutting geometry, the shaft of the tool is drawn and dimensioned.

Fig. 3 Dimensioning the shaft geometry of a conical cutter

Standard dimensions are generated automatically. If desired, users can adjust the dimensions according to their requirements. Additional information such as units and tolerances, plus colour and font attributes, can be assigned to each dimension. Headings and additional dimensions can be selected freely.

Users also have a great deal of freedom in laying out the drawing. They can design the document header, including a company logo, on a customer-specific basis. All fields can be edited at will and the tool designation can be copied directly from the NUMROTO database. In addition, a separate table with parameters of the illustrated tool can be placed on the

The format of the output can be selected from A4 to oversize, depending on the types of printers connected to the PC. User-defined page sizes can also be configured.

Of course, NUMROTO Draw is also very efficient when used for quotations or in the prototyping phase. It often occurs that a tool grinding operation needs to grind a new tool geometry for an end customer who can only describe this geometry in words or with sketches drawn by hand. In this phase it is important that the end customer can be presented with a precise drawing of the grindable geometry of the required tool as expediently as possible. If necessary, it could also be combined with a 3-D model, which allows viewing from a wide range of different perspectives. Change requests can be quickly implemented and misunderstandings are reduced to a minimum. When the end customer then grants his approval for the grinding of a model or model series, the corresponding tool can be ground directly on the tool grinding machine without further programming effort. NUMROTO ensures that the ground tool geometry is the same as that shown on the drawing. This greatly shortens the prototyping process.

NUMROTO Draw is largely intuitive to use. Even beginners can be ’let loose‘ on the software without problems. The system can easily be introduced within half a day, and it is recommended that the introduction is combined with an update training session covering all the other new features in version 3.7.0.

NUMROTO is widely used in the market, with over 3000 systems installed. Many millions of tool data sets are saved on these systems. For both existing and new tools, NUMROTO Draw creates product documentation that is realistic, unambiguous and of uniform quality. The documentation is generated on a largely automatic basis, saving time and money. This gives NUMROTO customers using NUMROTO Draw a considerable competitive advantage.