Multi-user extension

Article no. CH-50052015

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  • Topology single-user system

    Single-user system:

    A single-user system consists of the following components:

    • Desktop computer or notebook
    • Database and NUMROTOplus run on the same computer.
  • Topology multi-user system

    Multi-user system:

    A typical multi-user system consists of a number of machines with desktop computers and one server. Each computer is networked to all other computers. Typically just the database server runs on the server, without NUMROTOplus. On the client PCs of the machines only NUMROTOplus is running, the data is read from the server and written to it.

    All networked computers must have installed the same main version of NUMROTOplus (for example, all computers use 3.7.1 or 3.8.0) if they want to access the same network database.  Though version indices (a, b, c, etc.) may be different, this is generally not recommended. It must also be ensured that all machines exist in the same IP segment.