Supplementary functions

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  • CH-50052100- Extension for cylindrical grinding

    • A work spindle which supports continuous rotation for cylindrical grinding is necessary for this version.    
    • This option demands items no. CH-50052350 (Simple milling cutters), CH-50052370 (Simple drills / step drills) or CH-50052150 (Form cutters).
  • CH-50052480 - Special Grinding Functions

    • This add-on option includes the following functions:
    • Overlapping of a sin wave movement in order to modify the diameter (polygon modification) for the following operations:
      - Flutes (only in form cutter module), manual step face cam, manual grinding path, plunge grinding (only in form cutter module)
      - Possible applications: flow drills, add-on operations for forming taps.
    • Grinding operation: manual profile grinding path
      - Grinding of a profile which can be defined on a plane.
      - Grinding procedure: peripheral grinding in form direction.
      - Possible application: Grinding of seats for inserts.
    • Automatic orientation of the grinding point at 12 o'clock for the manual flute when using shape wheels. Can Only be used in drill module.
    • Correction profile for form cutters and form steps.
    • Multi angle point
    • Independent flute
    • Variable helix for burrs
    • Variable gash-out angle for drill S-gash-out
    • Flute-X
    • Gash-out-X
    • Rake surface along radius X
    • Helix angle difference from ballnose to OD
    • Cup wheel type 11V5
    • Chisel edge on radius geometry (straight or s-shaped)
    • For this option at least one of the following articles is needed: CH-50052150 (Form cutters), CH-50052360 (Complex milling cutters) or CH-50052380 (Complex drills / step drills).
  • CH-50052880 - Interface for external calculation

    • Detailed specifications on demand. Using this function for the first time needs an instruction by a NUMROTO engineer.
    • Also depending on how the function should be used, customer specific adaptations might be needed. If needed a quote can be requested for such adaptations
    • For this option at least one of the following articles is needed:
      CH-50052150 (Form cutters), CH-50052300 (Burrs), CH-50052350 (Simple milling cutters), CH-50052370 (Simple drills / step drills).
    • In addition the following options are needed:
      CH-50052660 (Collision checking with 3D machine simulation), CH-50052670 (3D tool simulation), CH-50052480 (Special grinding functions).
  • CH-50052955 - AC-Grinding

    • Control of the feedrate in function of the grinding spindle current.
    • Optionally only reduction of the feed rate when exceeding a definable limit. Included is a monitoring tool with which the current set point (programmable variable) can be easily determined.
    • A one-time adjustment per machine or grinding spindle configuration is required at a charge.
    • This also includes appropriate commissioning and on-site training.
    • This option is currently only available for certain grinding spindle configurations.
    • For machines with the Axium CNC and/or the use of a frequency converter, it must first be clarified whether this function can be adapted at all.
  • CH-50052026 - Interface machine status (Industry 4.0)

    Continuous output of the following parameters in an XML file:

    • Name of the current tool
    • Calculated grinding time for current tool
    • Calculated grinding time for the job list
    • Number of tools in the job list
    • Status of current job
    • Further information about machine, NUMROTO version etc.

    In addition the current action (grinding, probing) is mapped in an E-parameter.

  • CH-50052890 - Profile compensation

    • Every profile of a form cutter can be compensated by means of a measuring profile.
    • This compensation can be done several times. There is a filter for noisy measurements.
    • The compensation shifts the contact point, but does not change the the orientation of the grinding wheel.
    • This option demands item no. CH-50052150 (Form cutters)