64 axes built by CML 64 axes controlled by NUM

“Technological innovation tailored to your needs.” Since 1993 this has been the philosophy of CML, which goes hand in hand with the philosophy of NUM, “NUM CNC solutions provide Machine Builders with a competitive advantage”. Since that time, CML has been designing, manufacturing and installing machines for the woodworking industry for the production of windows, doors, panels and flooring. The systems they are developing are technologically advanced and employ integrated IT and robotics elements. Every customer request is met with a detailed response in terms of solutions, optimization, productivity, safety and reliability.

CML creates leading-edge modular units that are designed to meet the most diverse manufacturing needs, with very high accuracy even in the most complex production tasks. By using NUM’s Flexium control system, CML is able to handle multiple working phases, switching from one type of process to the next, even without operator supervision. The space required for the desired production output is kept to an absolute minimum. As production output increases over time, CML can integrate the basic modules to upgrade the system.

The advantages of NUM’s Flexium control approach convinced CML to start collaborating with the company. The modular structure of the NCK system, knock down the limit of 8 groups of working managed by only one PLC automation ot the flexibility of the PLC CoDeSys to interface outside the machine via Ethernet, were strong points for CML. Other points that contributed strongly to the use of Flexium include the use of the popular CANopen field bus,and the regenerative power supply that reduces the system’s energy consumption. And last but not least, the superb industrialisation of the electrical cabinet, which is about 40% smaller than comparable systems, with the use of the Modular/Biaxes solution, cemented the company’s decision to adopt Flexium.

Due to a high daily production target, the working process is programmed in advance by customised software, which communicates with the Flexium control system. Consequently, a considerable number of programs are used every day by the machine. There are several I/O modules distributed throughout the machine, which communicate with other third party components. The target of this machine is to output 1 work-piece every 30 seconds over a 10 hour production schedule, which amounts to 1,200 work-pieces every day. As part of the production process each work-piece receives a data matrix production code, burned in by a laser matrix burner; this forms an integrated part of the  workflow, controlled by Flexium. The data matrix code is used for tracking each work-piece during subsequent manufacturing processes, and is also used quality control purposes.

CML provides a comprehensive product support service, from initial testing through to installation of the system in the plant. Full training is provided to customers on management of the system and production program interface, as well as on operation and process control procedures. All CML installations are monitored via a remote support service to ensure maximum production continuity. Furthermore, as well as a worldwide service organisation, NUM also operates an international customer department which guarantees  uncomplicated application support. On-site services such as system integration, product development, software updates, rRetrofits, etc., are offered worldwide. The start of this collaboration between CML and NUM means that two strong and individually competitive partners have established a way to increase their customer service level, worldwide.

(September 2011)