Through our engineering, the cooperation of CNC system and machine is optimized and the best possible customer benefits and cost-effectiveness are generated.

Engineering translates into maximum customer benefits

When the goal is optimizing complex production processes, it is no longer enough to combine powerful components such as machines, CNC controllers, servo drives, motors and measuring systems. To make a production solution profitable in the practical operation, a software that is perfectly optimized for the specific production procedures is required. And it requires an experienced team of engineers with diversified skills who know the industry-specific requirements in detail and are able to pursue a clear goal in order to optimize the overall production process and to ensure long-term successful operation using the latest technological advances combined with superior support.

This is what we mean when we say “engineering!“ We can offer this to our partners!

This is exactly how NUM has earned its excellent reputation in the tool and machine industry. NUM supports you in your projects exactly as it is ideal for you, your business and your infrastructure. However, the aim of our cooperation is always the same: to find the best possible solution for your project together with you. We develop the highly complex, customized CNC automation solutions to provide the machine manufacturers as well as the machine users with the highest added value in the industry.