Life is made easy by supporting instruments such as: PLC system programming, NCK or RTK and servo drive parameterization, SDK for NUMpass and Flexium HMI, as well as communication with the CNC, field buses and NUMSmartBackup.

Comprehensive CNC software tools

Depending on the control system and application, NUM provides a diverse range of tools for development, parametrization, commissioning and maintenance: For the Flexium, Flexium+ and FlexiumPro controllers, all tools have been combined into one:

Flexium Tools

Flexium Tools is part of the Flexium Suite and include all necessary functions for machine integration and commissioning. Flexium Tools enable you to program, configure and optimize all system components within a unique uniform environment:

  • PLC
  • Secure PLC
  • Flexium (CNC)
  • Servo drives and motors
  • Sensors
  • EtherCAT and CANopen gateways with a comprehensive set of  I/O and logic terminals

Easy operation

Flexium Tools' menu structure provides a perfect overview of the entire system. Navigation inside the device tree is simple and clear, allowing easy access to all functions for quick change of settings.

Project handling

Each project consists of one single file to ensure easy handling and to prevent data loss. The devices used are detected in the device tree and thus allow a quick overview of the material used. The PLC programs are also part of the project. Recurring program sections can be defined as libraries. They can be used in different versions and compiled to protect intellectual property. Complete projects, including libraries, devices and the source code, can be archived and then restored at any time in the future.

PLC system programming

The PLCs of the Flexium system are programmed in accordance with IEC 61131-3 and support a variety of graphical and textual programming environments:

  • Structured Text (ST)
  • Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
  • Continuous Function Chart (CFC)
  • Function Block Diagram (FBD)
  • Ladder Diagram (LD)
  • Instruction List (IL)

Flexium CNC parameterizing

Dedicated editors ensure easy handling and the best overview during parameterizing for the axis assignment to the channels, their parametrization and calibrations and also for the definition of control values and more.

Servo drive parameterizing

All servo drives of the Flexium System can be found and accessed easily in the menu structure of Flexium Tools. Specialized, graphical editors are available to adjust the controllers and filtering of the signals.

Field buses

Theoretically, any CANopen and/or EtherCAT compatible device can be connected to the bus using the EDS/ESI/XML file supplied with the device. NUM provides a comprehensive range of most common I/O components as well as machine control panels with EtherCAT technology. NUM provides machine, drives for auxiliary axes and other devices that, by means of dedicated windows and libraries, can be easily integrated into the project as field bus devices (in this case for CANopen).


For easy commissioning, a wide selection of instruments is available: Frequency analyzer, ball-bar analysis, contour accuracy, oscilloscope and many others.

SDK for NUMpass HMI

Software Development Kit for customized expansion of the user interface NUMpass HMI for the Axium Power and the Num Power CNCs. It allows you to program your own pages using HTML and Java Script.

SDK for Flexium HMI

Software Development Kit for independent expansion of the user interface Flexium HMI for the Flexium and the Flexium+ CNCs. It allows you to program your own pages using HTML and Java Script.

SDK for FlexiumPro HMI

Software Development Kit for independent extension of the user interface for FlexiumPro. Enables programming of own or modification of existing pages using C# and WPF.

SDK for the communication with the CNC

Software Development Kit for communication between an Axium Power / Num Power or a Flexium / Flexium+ / FlexiumPro and a PC. Enables the implementation of user interfaces, operating data acquisition etc. using OO programming languages.


NUMSmartBackup is the simple and fast backup & recovery solution for the PC operating devices of the Flexium series. With this software, images from individual partitions or entire data carriers of the PC operating devices can be directly generated on the NUMSmartBackup USB stick and without any complicated installation.