Modern, compactly designed NUM servo drives in conjunction with the high-performance NUM CNC controllers lead to perfect results.

Dynamic, precise, versatile, safe

The NUMDrive servo drives with their modern design are the ideal counterpart to the powerful CNC control.

Modular in design, compact in their dimensions and with a low power consumption, they are ideally matched to the needs of modern systems. The family of NUM servo drives comprises three series. All have in common a high level of precision, particularly if used in conjunction with the NUM motors. One distinguishing feature of the NUMDrive C and NUMDrive X is the high power density. The servo drives offer an enormous amount of computing and drive power within a very small space and thus one of the best power/space ratios. The low power consumption and the resulting low heat radiation reduce the necessary cooling power of the switching cabinets. The wide range of power modules and scalable control units, available in single-axis or dual-axis versions, enables the technically best and most economical solution to be implemented. For the maximum contour precision, speeds and cost-effectiveness, the NUMDrive servo drives can be exactly adapted to the particular machine and application.

The safety solutions available (NUMSafe) even allow the user to implement complex systems safely and with little effort. The NUMDrive X can be integrated directly into the machine's safety concept using a secure bus, providing considerable benefits. It allows all of the most important safety functions to be implemented without the need to install a large amount of additional wiring. Further information about the safety concept can be found here.