Guarantee Card

The guarantee for new systems (NUM CNCs, drives and motors) is valid for 24 months for the end customer and up to 30 months for OEMs.

The guarantee period is broken down as follows:

  • We provide the OEM with up to 6 months to complete the system and to commission it at the customer.
  • After starting up the system, the usual guarantee period of 12 months begins.
  • Once the online guarantee card is sent back fully completed within 1 month of commissioning the system, the guarantee is extended by 12 months for the end customer to a total of 24 months.

This guarantee provision enables NUM to ensure more effectively that spare parts are stored close to the customer and downtime at the customer is reduced.

Note: The new guarantee regulation applies to the initial equipment and does not apply to spare parts. All rights are reserved for the sales and delivery conditions enclosed. Guarantee terms include hardware only and does not include field service labor.

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