CNC Controls

The flexible, scalable and high-quality NUM CNC software and hardware components ensure a long-lasting, economical investment. NUM continuously develops new development tools and special functions according to customer requests in order to achieve the best possible results on the machine.

CNC Controller

Scalability is a must

NUM offers a wide range of products for the automation of CNC machines. The modern, scalable and high-quality hardware ensures high availability and long-lasting investment. Should a product be missing in our portfolio, we will procure the pertinent information if the customer so requests, and integrate it into the overall solution.

It is increasingly important to make a mark in the market through unique selling points. These features are achieved more frequently using specific functions optimized for one application of the machine. A CNC system developed by NUM provides distinct advantages in this area.

NUM CNC systems traditionally have an open and powerful software that adapts to the respective needs of the machines to be automated. The adaptability is not limited to the PLC programs or HMI adjustments. Specific functions can, for example, also be integrated to the real-time system of the CNC control. But it is never the case that the system is only a building block. The system represents a complete and ready CNC, which can be modified at will. The functions realized this way can of course be encrypted and protected against unauthorized copying.

The CNC control itself is a key element of the solutions and systems of NUM. Powerful processors with high computing speed and an intelligent layout with potential for expansion ensure high preservation of value. The PLC is programmed according to IEC 61131-3 and the modern development environment provides new tools for development, commissioning and servicing.

With a capability of more than 200 axes, over 40 channels, 4000 IOs, more than 1 GB of PLC memory and more than 30 MB of user memory, Flexium+ can easily control the most demanding applications. Thanks to the full scalability, small configurations can of course also be optimally represented.

The FlexiumPro fits in seamlessly here and impresses with even greater computing power. On this controller, the System on Chip technology is used, whereby the quality can be further increased due to a reduced component count. In contrast to the Flexium+, the FlexiumPro does not require an industrial PC. The RTK (Real Time Kernel) combines the CNC and the PLC on one piece of hardware.

CNC Competence

CNC Software – Functions as unique selling points

The NUM CNC control systems are characterized by a complete system openness for the integrator, allowing know-how to be easily put into practice and perfect adaptability to the most diverse types of machines.

If needed, the user interface (HMI) can be easily adapted using standard, commercially-available tools.

Making changes or adding innovations to the actual processing function is never a problem:

G and M functions can be processed or completely new cycles can be created. This makes, for example, an analysis of yet untried CNC sets possible, whereby a CNC program can be modified for event control in real time.

Structured programming makes reading data and changing these cycles easier.

With the aid of the dynamic operators, it is even possible to implement cycles which can be integrated into the real-time kernel of the system.

The kinematics of the interpolator can also be customized for unconventional machine kinematics etc. This opens up a very wide field for developing unique selling points.

To ensure this flexibility can be fully utilized, NUM provides the corresponding development tools, or NUM's employees develop the special functions in accordance with customer specifications, and also put them into operation.

HMI Examples

CNC Software - Any type of HMI can be developed according to customer specifications

The standard HMI for NUM CNC systems provides comprehensive functions for operating a wide variety of machines. The 3D simulation it features ensures the operator can maintain an overview at all times, even of hidden processes. Easy operation of complex machines is of central importance for working efficiently. The HMI can therefore either be adapted or replaced completely by a different HMI. The NUM CNC systems feature standardized server functions which the HMI uses to exchange all the necessary data with the CNC system (CNC kernel, PLC, drives, motors). This means the adaptations can also be developed by the customer or by NUM.