Project Management

Tailored Automation Engineering

Project support ProDesign© 

Efficient consulting for optimal application solutions
This model is ideal for companies with their own development teams and automation specialists. As an external partner, we bring along our entire know-how in the field of CNC automation and take on an advisory role.

Project cooperation CoDesign©

Combining knowledge – harvesting synergy
Your team of developers joins forces with our specialists. Together, we realize the automation of your machine with clearly delineated responsibilities. This type of collaboration has proved itself to be extremely efficient in many past projects and leads to a very efficient time to market.

All-in-one solutions AllDesign©

Delegating responsibilities – controlling results
Acting as a general contractor, we take charge of the overall project and assume full responsibility for the successful implementation. Starting with the product requirement specifications, including development, commissioning and tuning, and finally, providing support and service.