NUMROTOplus user interface uses leading edge technology to exploit all the capabilities of modern PCs and operating systems.

NUMROTOplus is completely compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. It can be easily integrated into a network and therefore can also be used together with other company-internal programs.

The user interface (see image) also complies with the Windows standard, so that no rethinking over other Windows programs is necessary.

2D Simulation

The 2D simulation is an integral part of NUMROTOplus, and is included in each NUMROTOplus package. All grinding operations can be simulated on the PC using the 2D simulation. The tool can be cut in a desired position so that the subsequent cross-section can be evaluated and measured. Even details as small as a few micrometers can be analyzed.

Afterwards, the tool cut on the machine corresponds exactly to the simulated tool.