3D Simulation and 3D Collision Monitoring

A wide array of features and intuitive operation thanks to 3D workpiece simulation with collision monitoring.

The integration of 3D tool simulation, grinding process animation, and collision monitoring within the NUMROTO software offers a comprehensive solution with extensive functionality and user-friendly operation.

In addition to 2D simulation, NUMROTOplus and NUMROTO X also feature integrated NUMROTO 3D software. Similar to the 2D simulation, this software provides a true-to-scale simulation of the entire tool.

Despite the use of top-notch software and skilled staff, collisions can still occur. Whether due to a disengaged disc, spindle arbor, or attached auxiliary device (such as tailstock or support), collisions are sometimes inevitable. To mitigate this risk, NUMROTO and NUMROTO 3D come equipped with integrated collision checks, which can also be fully automated.