Economical and flexible for all lot sizes for transfer, rotary transfer and multi-spindle machines

NUM has been supplying CNC systems that are used successfully around the world for many years. Due to the parametrization, transfer machines from simple to highly complex are easily understood by the operator and are depicted just as they are operated. The system can be enhanced as needed and is extremely flexible, allowing it to be adapted to the machine and user requirements.

  • More than 40 stations with more than 200 CNC axes
  • Machine and process-oriented operating concept
  • User-friendly and efficient setup of the most complex machines
  • Workpiece data is assigned automatically to the stations
  • Any combination of the processing procedures is possible: Lathing, drilling, cutting, grinding, measuring etc.
  • Can be optimally adapted to any machine configuration
  • Passing on interpolating axes within the system beyond the individual CNC hardware kernel
  • NUMtransfer brochure
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