NUMROTO in India: Precision and Efficiency in Tool Manufacturing

The versatile tool design software NUMROTO is widely used in India and worldwide. This also brings benefits for end users.

NUM is specialized in providing control systems and software solutions for the machine tool manufacturing industry and amongst other countries India is an important and fast pace growing market for machine tools and cutting-tools manufacturing.

With NUMROTO, the NUM Group offers one of the most versatile tool design software and thus the perfect solution for tooling requirements in various industries. The core of the NUMROTO system is the NUMROTOplus programming system, which can produce an enormous variety of tools. Currently, NUMROTO is used in over 7000 machines worldwide, including a vast installed base in India. 

India as an important market for NUM
India has a long history of manufacturing tools for various industries and is therefore a major player in the global tooling market. Key industries for cutting-tools consumption include motorcycles, automobiles, agriculture, electronics and railroads.

The fast-growing market for cutting tools is correspondingly large in India and is worth around 1.25 billion US dollars. In particular, it is anticipated that there will be significant growth not only because of increase in conventional metal cutting processes but also due to tremendous growth in the electronics and railroad industry. 

Large manufacturers rely on NUMROTO
About 80 percent of the tools manufactured in India come from small and medium-sized companies. The remaining 20 percent from large corporations including multinationals, one of which is the Machining Solutions Group of Kennametal India (“WIDMA” brand).

WIDMA leverages the NUM controls and NUMROTO solutions for its 5-axis tool grinding machines. Additionally local Indian tool grinding machine manufacturers are using NUM and NUMROTO technologies, building their market presence and accordingly, the installed base of NUMROTO machines in India is constantly increasing.

For the NUM Group, this historical continuity in the Indian market is a strategically important interlocking piece of our global market presence. As a result, NUMROTO has become the tool grinding solution in India with the highest acceptance among end users.

End users profit from large network
For many industrial companies in India, NUMROTO is a key differentiator in the purchasing decision for the Tool Grinding Machine. This is not only due to the versatility of the solution and the cooperation with important manufacturers, but also the global network of NUMROTO users is a big plus for providing quick solutions and information sharing.

The NUM Group itself also offers customers training, upgrades and comprehensive support. End users thus always have a point of contact for questions about complex tools or special requirements for NUMROTO.

(September 2023)