The peak of shaping, engraving, sawing, polishing & turning

Located in the Italian Alpine region, OMAG was founded in 1979 by Angelo Albani to develop specialized machinery for processing marble, granite, prophyritic and sedimentary stone and glass. Now after over 30 years, OMAG is an acknowledged leader in the field, with a constantly expanding product line to meet changing requirements. During much of this period - for over 20 years - NUM has been an important technology partner to OMAG.

One striking advantage that OMAG has over its competitors is its large size and its major investment in modern machinery - with many numerically controlled machines running NUM-developed application software. These resources permit extensive testing of different machining concepts, tools and materials. The company’s in-depth experience with computerized manufacturing aids the collaboration process with NUM - helping the partners to create and refine advanced machine control software that is exhaustively tested and trialled prior to commercial release.

Custom machinery

An advantage of this collaboration process for OMAG’s customers is the extensive application-specific capability that may be applied to machinery.

The aim of both companies is to engage very closely with the customer in the project planning phase, which helps to build a strong cooperation and trust. Once the needs of the customer have been analysed in fine detail, OMAG is able to propose a suitable machine, including specially-adapted application software from NUM.

Both companies also guarantee not only professional installation and commissioning of a machine, but also extensive training of all the operating personnel. As NUM and OMAG both share similar business philosophies, then the relationship between the customer and the machine builder does not end there. Support continues until the customer is able to use the equipment to its full potential. And OMAG and NUM remain available for technical advice and training throughout the machinery’s lifecycle. OMAG and NUM also offer service and maintenance of their products for lifetime of the machine - at which point there are almost invariably refurbishment choices as well as new machine options.

OMAG’s newest product - ‘Blade5’ - is a numerically-controlled (NC) machining centre with from 5 to 12 axes. It combines the functions of a former and a lathe in a single unit. The exceptional capability of Blade5 - developed by drawing on over 30 years of specialized machine building experience - sets a new standard for forming, routing, engraving, milling, sculpting, sawing, polishing and turning work on all types of stone and glass. Blade5 is equally suited to high output on-line production and single, one-off pieces. The machine’s axes are driven at high speed by brushless motors developed by NUM, combined with ball bearing screws and linear guides with ball runners; all these parts are protected by PVC bellows and lubricated with oil by a controlled centralized system. The machine’s mobile bridge technology makes Blade5 a highly modular platform - allowing enhancements such as a lathe function or extension of the work area to be added easily at a later date as a customer’s requirements evolve. A key element of the machine is a powerful new spindle based on a liquid-cooled synchronous motor, with a continuous power rating of 25 kW at 1000 RPM, a maximum speed of 8000 RPM and a peak torque capability of 400 Nm.

The motor is also isolated from other active spindle parts - enhancing both the smoothness and rigidity of the machine’s operation. The NC software is supplied by NUM, complementing OMAG’s easy to learn and simple to operate CAD/CAM software.

(March 2011)