Special equipment for machining stone, ceramic and concrete built to ”Swiss Label” quality standards

Stonelec GmbH was founded in 1997. Its goal is to serve the domestic and international stone-machining industry with practice-oriented and efficient solutions and services. Like NUM, Stonelec provides its customers with competent advice, fast order fulfilment and comprehensive technical support – all from a single source.

Stonelec began by trading stone machining equipment and by representing the renowned Italian machine manufacturer Marmo Meccanica SpA. In addition, Stonelec took over the service operations for sold machines and assumed responsibility for modifying machines to customers’ requirements.

Stonelec also handles the repair and maintenance of all types of stone-machining equipment on the market. Later the company decided also to focus on machine design and manufactoring and based on close cooperation with customers the user-friendly, multifunctional SK6 machine was designed in 2001. Alongside the standard layout as a table/column combination, this series can be delivered in a wall-running layout or in a version with a moveable table. In 2007, Stonelec presented the first bridge saw, which is manufactured completely at the company’s factory in Altendorf, based on design documents from the machine manufacturer Wenzler AG. 

All Stonelec machines are designed and manufactured entirely in Switzerland. Their robust and precise construction doesn’t just impress the domestic customer base, but also customers across the world. Stonelec develops and manufactures special equipment for machining stone, ceramic and concrete, which is built to the ’Swiss Label‘ quality standard. The ’Kallisto‘ bridge saw has also come about through close cooperation with NUM.

Special attention was paid to ensure that this machine can be mounted on existing foundations. As well as two-layer paint coating, many components also receive a galvanised spray-coating. Another special feature is the large blade diameter range of 500–1,700 mm. This machine is mainly used for renovating projects primarily in sandstone, but other types of stone can also be machined. Complex structures can also be created using a CAD/CAM system. Below are some technical specifications of the machine.

Working area:

  • X axis (transverse) 3,800 mm on ball bearing guide rails
  • Y axis (bridge) 4,200 mm on guide wheels
  • Z axis (vertical) 1,200 mm on ball bearing guide rails with ball bearing screws
  • C axis (rotating table) continuously rotatable, 1,500 x 3,000 mm, max. load 15 t
  • Motor power for blade drive 30 kW
  • Maximum blade diameter 1,700 mm
  • Total weight of machine approx. 8 t

Grinding and drilling machines are important in the machining of sanitary ware. Together with NUM, Stonelec is pursuing a leading role in this market segment. Stonelec uses its strengths in terms of flexibility, company size and location to devote a large amount of attention to its customers. These strengths include:

  • Delivering customer-specific solutions
  • Machine and tool design from the single source
  • Quick reaction times in service and support
  • Company-own design and machine construction
  • Central location in Europe (Switzerland)

The cooperation between Stonelec and NUM works very well; there is a natural synergy between the Swiss machine manufacturer and the Swiss controller manufacturer, with the following advantages:

  • NUM has a global company network, which supports Stonelec’s servicing
  • NUM and Stonelec work on optimal technical solutions together
  • Applications are supported without a great amount of bureaucracy

In this combination, which is positive for both companies, several more interesting projects and individual solutions can be taken on and realised.

(September 2011)