Wirth et Gruffat: Rotary-transfer machines with NUM

With more than 60 years of experience, Wirth et Gruffat is one of the most well-known important names in the development, design and production of flexible rotary-transfer machines. The concept: a machine, which can be adjusted to fit the requirements of production.

Thanks to the architecture and control technology of the NUM Axium Power range, the requirements of Wirth et Gruffat for simplicity, versatility, high performance and the ability to develop further were able to be achieved.

For the “Convertible” machine, up to twelve work stations can be controlled, equipped with 3 axes. The modular concept is exemplary and the Axium Power numerical control is ideally suited for these conditions thanks to its open and modular design. The NUMDrive range, including the new NUMDrive C series with dual axes for connecting to BPH motors, equipped with new sensors, is part of strategy towards more generalised use of electrically controlled axes. Because of the economy achieved by integrating of these new dual-axis drives, a significant development to the machines has become possible: electrically controlled axes can now be used more generally in oil-pneumatic and hydraulic solutions. The convertible Wirth et Gruffat machines can continue to be developed and meet new production requirements in the future. NUM is able to be versatile with the extended capabilities of its numerical control Axium Power.

The important benefits of the numerical control Axium Power for this application are:

Axium Power controls up to 32 axes, divided into 8 channels. The system is available in three versions: First, Advanced and Ultimate, the most powerful version. However, as it is always the same basic functions, it is sufficient to check over the controls once to get familiar with all the different applications for the required level of complexity.

Simplicity and performance
The following functions are available in the whole series; realignment of the axes, disenabling the axes, dynamic operators in C.

Fast commissioning time
Installing and setting the numerical NUM controls can be done fast. NUM has worked for many years with manufacturers to provide solutions that can reduce installation times. This is one of the strengths of the Axium Power range.

In the constant striving to meet production requirements and improve compatibility, NUM and Wirth et Gruffat are planning more development projects particularly regarding the new control panel with the industry PCs NUM FS151i/FS151i-KBD and the planned man-machine interface for transfer machines.

(May 2007)