Intelligent total solutions for new machines or as a retrofit in the field of gear machining

NUMgear is integrated into the modern NUM CNC controller. The interactive user interface allows the entry of the machine, workpiece and tool data and the definition of the machining processes. By pressing a button, the machine cycles are created and the production can begin.

The highly sophisticated software in combination with the equivalent high-performance hardware ensures all functions are easy-to-use, such as the integrated fully-electronic drive, the automatic alignment of the spindle and tools and a variety of unique milling cycles and special functions for gear hobbing.

In addition to the new installations, Retrofits play a major role in the gear hobbing machines. NUMgear strengths lie not just in its technical high-performance but particularly in its flexibility and adaptability, even for unusual machines. The combination of high quality and efficiency is a major part of the overall concept.