Flexible solution with extensive milling cycles, graphic interface, including a full 3D simulation

NUMmill is a total solution for milling machines. 

The NUMmill software has an exceptionally easy-to-understand graphical user interface that radically simplifies machine operation and programming through an interactive, dialog-based programming screen.

To create part programs, the operator is asked to define the program sequence and fill in the corresponding data fields. The real part program is then fully created automatically and stored in an executable form as a part program. No programming knowledge is required. The machine can also be running production cycles making parts while a new program is being created, thus reducing unproductive machine time. Of course, it is also possible to create the part programs from an office using the exact same dialog interface.

NUMmill is supplied as a complete turnkey package. However, it can also be expanded with additional custom cycles and functions, which makes it easy to integrate special functions and particular strengths of the machine into the interface.

The fully scalable control system is suitable for a variety of precision milling applications in very different markets such as metal milling, woodworking, plastics and high-precision machining.