Cars and motorcycles stop to give time and joy

In June, you looked in vain for our employees' cars and motorcycles in the parking lot in front of our NTC Germany in Holzmaden. Instead, the number of bicycles increased dramatically.

07/12/2023 – Holzmaden, DE

So what happened? The team around NTC manager Christian Unger took part in the "Motorless to Work" campaign. The car or motorcycle was dispensed with for 1 month and the way to work was either cycled or walked. The aim of the campaign is for participants to consciously create a healthier working day with more exercise and to retain some for the future. Colleagues in the home office were also able to participate by adding an additional walk in the morning and evening instead of moving directly from the office chair to the couch.

For the fun, points were awarded for every kilometer covered by bike, e-bike or on foot, which placed the employee on the internal ranking list. But what really drove it was what else the points could do: Each point became a donation to the home-based children and youth hospice service in Kirchheim. With over 2198 kilometers covered without a motor, this resulted in a donation of €1,178.05. Last Wednesday, Christian Unger and his team presented the donation to Mrs. Wanisch, head of the hospice service. "The home-based children and youth hospice service does an important and great job to give joy and time even in extremely difficult times. We would just like to say thank you for that," says Christian Unger, Managing Director NTC Germany.

Children's and youth hospice services accompany children with life-threatening or life-shortening illnesses as well as their siblings and parents. But even if they are not affected themselves, but parents, relatives or loved ones, the service helps the children and young people through the difficult times.  

"The annual campaign makes us grateful for our own health, helps us to care for it more consciously and at the same time we can support those who are less fortunate," says Christian Unger in conclusion and is already planning the campaign again for next year. NUM is proud of the commitment of the employees from NTC Germany and congratulates all participants for their great performance.