New Flexium Function – Technology HMI TWG (Threaded Wheel Gear Grinding)

NUMgear HMI TWG (threaded wheel grinding) provides the graphical user interface for entering all data needed for gear, grinding wheel, dressing tool, and process parameters.

This graphical tool enables flank crowning to be adapted using eight individual points along the flank. The shape of the flank will then be calculated using splines to connect the points that have been changed.

NUMgear TWG calculates grinding passes and feeds fully automatically. NUMgear TWG automatically calculates the dressing passes’ parameters. It provides the opportunity to manually change and adjust the calculated values. All gear grinding and dressing cycles are included. Once the process data is confirmed, NUMgear TWG automatically transfers the data generated to the NC, and the gear grinding cycle can be started by simply pushing the start button.

Tool and gear data are stored in project files. Project files can be changed and adapted to accommodate workpiece changes. Project files built on one machine can be transferred to several machines to produce the same gear.

NUMgear TWG offers all processes required for generating grinding:

  • Grinding the gear using the process and grinding parameters specified in the NUMgear TWG HMI
  • Redressing the grinding wheel after a predefined number of gears
  • Dressing a raw grinding cylinder to a grinding wheel according to specification

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