New NUM EtherCAT Terminals

New NUM EtherCAT Terminals: EtherCAT IO-Link Communication Terminal, NUMSafe Compact Controller and EtherCAT Terminal

NUM has decided to extend its portfolio of EtherCAT terminals for technical reasons and in response to market demands. All CTMx terminals are mounted inside an EtherCAT terminal line up.

EtherCAT IO-Link Terminal CTMT6224

The CTMT6224 IO-Link terminal enables connection of up to four IO-Link devices (default setting), e.g. actuators, sensors or combinations of both. A point-to-point connection is used between the terminal and the device. The terminal is parameterized via the EtherCAT master. IO-Link is designed as an intelligent link between the fieldbus level and the sensor, allowing parameterization information to be exchanged bidirectionally via the IO-Link connection. To use the CTMT6224 IO-Link terminal the PLC Option FXSW282312 is required.

The CTMT6224 IO-Link terminal will be supported by Flexium v4.1.20.00.

EtherCAT Terminal, 8 digital Input- and Output channels CTMT1859

The digital EtherCAT Terminal CTMT1859 combines eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs on a single device. The inputs have a 3.0 ms filter. The outputs handle load currents of up to 0.5 A, are short-circuit proof and protected against inverse polarity. The signal state of the channels is indicated by LEDs.

The reference ground for all inputs is the 0 V power contact, the outputs are supplied via the 24 V power contact. The conductors can be connected without tools in the case of single-wire conductors using a direct plug-in technique.

The HD EtherCAT Terminals (High Density) with increased packing density are equipped with 16 connection points in the housing of a 12-mm terminal block.

The EtherCAT Terminal CTMT1859 has been supported since Flexium v4.1.10.20.

NUMSafe Compact controller CTMP1960-2600

The NUM all-in-one solution for local safety applications is the NUMSafe CTMP1960-2600 Compact Controller. The NUMSafe Compact Controller is the complete safety solution for machines incorporating an EtherCAT gateway with 20 safe digital inputs, 24 safe digital outputs and four additional single channel relay outputs in a single unit. Due to its compact all-in-one design, the CTMP1960-2600 offers a significant cost saving over the equivalent individual components. As with all NUM EtherCAT couplers, the CTMP1960-2600 can be expanded with the use of additional standard and NUMSafe modules if required, depending on the mode of operation.

The functionality of the CTMP1960-2600 can be incorporated into the machine design in one of two ways:

  • As a NUMSafe compact controller integrated into an EtherCAT network. The CTMP1960-2600 can be extended with standard and NUMSafe safety terminals on the E-bus connection and via the EtherCAT network.
  • As a NUMSafe I/O module. The logic on the NUMSafe compact controller is not used. The coupler can be addressed by a NUMSafe logic terminal as an I/O module with 20 inputs, 24 outputs and four single channel relay outputs.

The NUMSafe Compact Controller is programmed via NUM Flexium Tools (Safety Editor) in the same way as other NUMSafe components. A NUMSafe project is created and loaded over EtherCAT into the CTMP1960-2600.

The NUMSafe CTMP1960-2600 Compact Controller has been supported since Flexium v4.1.10.20.

Integration in Flexium

To use the new communication terminal please take care to select the associated PLC license option.

The new ESI files for the IO-Link device and XML for CTMP1960 will be provided with the mentioned revisions of Flexium Software or on NUM-ftp.

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