CNC refurbishment service breathes new life into machine tools

NUM’s service department is helping end users to extend the life of their machine tools significantly, by providing fast-response diagnostic, maintenance and repair facilities worldwide for the company’s range of CNC systems, power supplies, drives and servo motors.

CNC machine tools are valuable assets. And to help preserve their value, they require routine maintenance. However, it is all too often the case that the CNC system at the core of the machine gets overlooked until it is too late, when an outright failure can seriously impact shop floor productivity.

NUM believes that routine preventive maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity of CNC systems and to maximizing the uptime of machine tools. Over the past 25 years or so, the company has engaged in numerous highly successful CNC refurbishment projects, ranging in scale from simple CNC servicing, minor repairs and servo motor replacement through to complete change-out of entire machine control systems.

According to Steve Moore, General Manager of NUM’s UK facility, “Many of our end users in the aerospace and automotive parts manufacturing industries solicit our help in refurbishing CNC systems, in preference to purchasing new ones, simply because the requalification timescales do not square with high demand production. About 50 percent of our service business is performed on-site at end users’ premises – and in the case of servo motors, our manufacturing plant in Italy is able to provide a 3-day turnaround service”.

NUM’s service capability covers all of the company’s popular early generations of CNC systems – including the 1020, 1040 and 1060 series – as well as their associated power supplies, drives and servo motors.

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