NUM Service - recommissioning with 30-year old CNC control system

NUM’s service technicians support all companies that have been using NUM control systems for decades.

06/22/2022 – Holzmaden, DE

Our service staff at the Holzmaden (Germany) branch brought two machines that were over 30 years old back into operation after a long downtime. Before NUM received a service request, the customer had tirelessly swapped components back and forth, unfortunately without success. This made troubleshooting a little more difficult, but NUM's service staff eventually managed to get both machines back up and running trouble-free.

Both machines are Manurhin K'MX CNC Swiss type lathes. One machine was built in 1990 and had been out of service for 3 years, the other machine was built in 1992 and had been out of service for 3 months.

The machines are equipped with the NUM 760 control system from 1987 and were brought back into operation with this same type of control, using spare parts such as processor card, power supply and a new monitor for the control panel. This is after more than 30 years! The technical know-how of our service staff and the fact that our subsidiary has its own spare parts warehouse helped us to repair the equipment quickly. As a result, the productivity of the machines was restored in the shortest possible time. Although one of the technicians who carried out the repair is younger than the two machines, his technical know-how proved invaluable.

Your decision for a system and solution from NUM represents a long-term investment. We see ourselves as your partner all the way from the initial idea, through its realization to on-site customer service. We are there for you worldwide. At NUM Service, we define our claim for the future in a proactive support approach that is clearly specified for our customers.

We focus less on the industry standard and more on individual customer needs. Machine manufacturers and end users alike can make use of NUM's service. Usually, however, an end user first turns to their machine manufacturer, since they know the entire machine best. If necessary, NUM provides direct and uncomplicated support.

In order to keep machine downtime as short as possible in the event of an axis motor failure, NUM Service usually offers production of new motors within 48 hours. Customers receive even more security with a service contract. This guarantees the availability of parts at the NUM branches, taking into account the CNC systems installed at the user's site. This is particularly interesting for older systems, where spare parts availability is becoming more expensive. NUM attaches great importance to the long-term support of its control and drive systems in order to guarantee customers the longest possible machine life.