NUMgrind GC – CNC-Total Solutions for Cylindrical Grinding Machines

The NUMgrind GC package is the application-specific addition to NUM's CNC software technology packages which simplifies machine tool programming for an extensive range of tasks, including external and internal cylindrical grinding, wheel shaping and dressing.

NUMgrind HMI GC is specifically designed to simplify the creation of programs for CNC machine tools through the use of a highly intuitive graphical human machine interface (HMI), conversational-style ‘fill in the blanks’ type dialogs or a combination of the two. Unlike conventional CAD/CAM workstation tools for generating CNC machine tool control programs, NUMgrind HMI GC is intended for use in the production environment. It enables shop floor personnel to handle everyday machining tasks such as grinding very quickly and efficiently – and the work can be easily shared amongst several people and several machines.

In addition to a dedicated HMI, the NUMgrind GC package contains:

  • Canned Cycles
  • Grinding Functions
  • Wheel Definition
  • Manuals

Available canned grinding cycles:

  • Plunge / Multi-Plunge
  • Plunge with inclined Axes (Angular Plunge)
  • Oscillating Plunge 
  • Cylinder Traverse
  • Profile Grinding
  • Conical Traverse
  • Shoulder Oscillating
  • Shoulder Plunge
  • Shoulder Traverse
  • Shoulder with Fillet/Chamfer

Available inherent grinding functions:

  • Wheel Selection
  • Taper Correction
  • Different Origin Sets
  • Part Teach Routine
  • Measurement
  • Shaping
  • Dressing

Available inherent wheel definitions:

  • Roller Dresser
  • Standard Wheel
  • Special Wheel
  • Angular Wheel


NUM’s NUMgrind GC package provides a dedicated cylindrical grinding HMI for part program creation. In addition to a large number of canned grinding cycles, the package includes special grinding functions (e.g. different origins or wheel dressing) and wheel definition, as well as specific manuals for cylindrical grinding technology. Compared to other cylindrical grinding solutions on the market, it offers users a much simpler way of developing additional cycles.

In short, the NUMgrind GC package can help save machine builders years of development time – and significantly reduce the learning curve for operators.

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